Phoenix Wallet iOS v2.1.0 Now Supports Request Inbound Liquidity Feature

Ability to request inbound liquidity in Phoenix is now available to iOS users. Make sure you update to v2.1.0.”This is especially useful if you keep receiving LN payments ; instead of having to splice-in (and incur on-chain fees) every time, you can plan ahead and save on fees for these LN payments.”

What’s new (iOS v2.1.0)

Can now add liquidity with the peer.

iOS version v2.0.8 also included the following fixes:

Fixed connection to onion Electrum servers.Fixed an issue where swap-ins would not trigger even when fee was within the wallet’s range.Added fallback to device passcode when biometrics fail.Several fixes and UI improvements.

What’s new (Android v2.1.1)

This minor release fixes the Czech translation (#490, thanks @MasterixCZ) and English typos (#491 thanks @dluvian).It also bumps the feerate used for liquidity requests to help with the current high fees environment.

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