Peach Bitcoin v0.2.9: Fund Escrow from Peach Wallet, Increased Performance

“With this release we updated to the latest @bitcoindevkit via bdk-rn,” said the apps co-founder @capoczino.”Shout out to @BitcoinZavior and StaxoLotl for bringing bdk to react-native!””This enables us to ship RBF next.”

What’s new

Update bdk-rn.Fund escrow from Peach wallet.Improve app startup time.Peach en français!Featured events/meetups.French PM: no fees for a month (from 21.06 on).

🔐😎Look how fast, how smooth it is to publish a sell offer with sats locked in escrow. You can now fund your sell offer in exactly 6 clicks from one single app!

— Peach 🇨🇭 (@peachbitcoin) June 21, 2023


Back navigation buy/sell flow.Trade breakdown shows 0 value.Payment method details: currencies should all be the same size.No collaborative cancel when payment is too late.Only show confirm payment slider if timer didn’t run out.Misc fixes.

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