Payjoin (PDK) v0.13.0: Improved Taproot, V2 & Receiver Error Handling Support

“payjoin-0.13.0 improves taproot and v2 payjoin support for integration with downstream projects. Much improved response error handling thanks to @jbesraa‘s persistence.”

What’s new


Parse json errors from the receiver into WellKnown or other ResponseErrors


Fixed problem where outdated OHTTP Config issue was unclear (#153)Support Taproot PSBT field clearing and validation (#157)Build v2 docs

Selected PRs

Supply & parse receiver response errors by @jbesraa in #120Support taproot PSBTs by @DanGould in #147Fix #154 process_response return ResponseError by @DanGould in #155

Full Changelogpayjoin-0.12.0…payjoin-0.13.0

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