OpenSats Receives Additional Funding of $10M From Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall

“We are delighted to announce that OpenSats has received a generous donation of $10 million from Jack Dorsey’s philanthropic initiative, #startsmall, which will be used to support the development of free and open-source software and projects focusing on bitcoin, nostr, and related technologies.””Half of the donation amount – $5m USD – will be dedicated to advancing the new and growing nostr ecosystem.””We have set up a committee of nostr developers and tinkerers, including fiatjaf and NVK, who will help us to evaluate projects and protocol contributions.””If you are working on nostr and looking for funding, please apply here:“”As part of expanding these efforts, NVK and Gigi are joining the OpenSats board to help with our organizational and funding decisions. Gigi will be joining in a full-time capacity to lead our ongoing operations and strategy.””The structure of OpenSats remains unchanged: we want to create a sustainable, independent, and consistent ecosystem of funding for bitcoin, nostr, and other open-source projects.”Previous #startsmall contributions include grants to GrapheneOS, The Tor Project, The Calyx Institute, Signal Technology Foundation, Clara Lionel Foundation, and many more.

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