OpenSats Grants Long-Term Support to Tobin Harding

“With the backing of this LTS grant, he is now set to keep achieving significant milestones for rust-bitcoin, crucial to projects like FedimintLDKBDK, and electrs.””Tobin’s overarching goal is to get rust-bitcoin to a version 1.0.0 release, along with underlying components such as rust-secp256k1rust-bech32bitcoin_hashes, and others.””He is also focused on the effort of reviewing every public type and function, a meticulous process that often involves extensive discussions. This effort promises a stable API with minimal changes that developers can rely on.””On top of that, he’ll persist in iterating on the API to maintain its alignment with Rust API design principles, ensuring user-friendliness for both experienced Bitcoin developers and newcomers.””Complementing this, Tobin is dedicated to delivering clear and accessible documentation. He’s also simultaneously working on a v2 of his rust-PSBT implementation.””If you’re a fellow load-bearing internet person, OpenSats invites you to explore the opportunities within our LTS program. If you would like to support Tobin’s and other’s work, please consider donating to the General Fund.”

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