OpenSats’ 2023: Year in Review

“We received over 900 donations this year, 87% of which were made in sats directly. That’s an increase of 280% compared to the number of donations received in the previous year.””Our General Fund is almost fully allocated as of this writing, with ~$4.8M donations received in 2023 and ~$4.3M allocated. The Nostr Fund is on track to be fully allocated by the end of Q1 2024, with ~$3.4M out of $5M going towards a variety of free and open-source projects in the nostr ecosystem as of this writing.””Of the funds committed towards bitcoin projects from the General Fund, 40% have been allocated to our LTS program for long-term grants.””The remaining 60% of our General Fund has been allocated to bitcoin-related projects in support of our mission. As mentioned above, we announced three waves of bitcoin grants so far: one in July, one in August, and one in December, respectively.””We gave out four waves of nostr grants, as announced in JulyAugustOctober, and December.””We expect to have over 100 grantees by Q2 of 2024, given past growth and pending grant applications. We hope to support many of our grantees for the long-term, as long as funding permits and progress remains aligned with our mission.””We rely on donations to fund our operations and the projects we support. Unlike most charities, we don’t take a cut from donations to fund ourselves. Consequently, we have to fund our operations separately. If you like what we’re doing please consider donating to our Operations Budget.”

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