Oak Node v0.3.7: Nostr Wallet Connect Support

Oak is a tool that let’s you do more with your LND node, including:

Scheduled LN Payments (demo). Stream sats from your own node. Setup a schedule to support your favorite content creators. All they need is a Lightning Address, and they keep 100% of what you send them.”“Email Bot (demo). Use your phone to check your LN balance, create or pay an LN invoice with simple chat commands. Messages are send and received as PGP-secured emails. Works with any Autocrypt-compatible app, like DeltaChat.”“Nostr Bot. Same as the Email Bot, but with instant response times. Messages are exchanged as Nostr DMs, which are by default end-to-end encrypted. Works with any Nostr chat client, whether for browser, desktop, mobile, or CLI.”
– “With the Shadowy LN Tips module, your bot can automatically send LN tips each time your paired Nostr account likes a note.”“PowPub Client (demo). Buy the mining of Nostr vanity keys from any number of mining providers. The resulting secret key is known only to you due to the split-key approach to mining.”

Available as Podman or Docker containers, on Umbrel app store, and myNode (experimental).

What’s new in v0.3.7


Nostr: Support for NIP-47 Nostr Wallet Connect.PowPub: Support npub and PoW vanity keys.

Full Changelog

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