Nunchuk iOS v1.9.26: Batched Transactions

Nunchuk Mobile v1.9.26 has been rolled out for iOS devices.A similar update has also been rolled out for Android application.Nunchuk Desktop v1.9.20 pre-release has been tagged.

What’s new in iOS  v1.9.26

Batched transactions.BCR-2020-010 encoding for Output Descriptors QRs.Coin ancestry view.Ability to configure gap limit.Message signing for Tapsigner and software keys.Bug fixes and improvements.

After today’s update of the @nunchuk_io wallet you can restore any multisig setup backed up on SeedHammer in less than a minute! Restore with only the minimum amount of shares (quorum) at hand. No separate descriptor or XPUBs needed.

— SeedHammer (@SeedHammer) June 8, 2023

What’s new in Desktop v1.9.20

Fix bug (sync between platforms).Improve performance.Inheritance, update policies.Fix bug signing with COLDCARD NFC on window.Some minor update.

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