nsecBunker v0.10.0: OAuth-like Flow, LNbits + Nostrdress

“nsecBunker 0.10.0 is out! Codename: nostr, an oauth-like protocol,” announced @PABLOF7z.”This is a significant release that provides the ability to run OAuth-like bunkers which will allow registration in your bunker to new accounts.””It also integrates with LNBits + Nostrdress to provide the ability for new nostr users to be able to immediately receive zaps.””Next up will be connecting the new user’s wallet to automatically negotiate Nostr Wallet Connect; clients will be immediately able to *send* zaps. No fidgeting with copying around connection strings or scanning QR codes, client and nsecbunker negotiate in the background.””Under the hood, this is using the flow described here.”

What’s new

LNBitsNostdress for zap receives (thanks Don’t ₿elieve the Hype)NIP-89 announcement on each nsecbunker bootTons of bugfixes

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