NostrMesh: Self-Healing ESP32 Nostr-Arduino Based Mesh-Network

“Started nostrmesh: up to 20 MBit/s, microcontroller, nostr powered, self-healing mesh network. Been thinking/getting excited about this project for a while! (made possible by @blackcoffeebtc excellent nostr-arduino library),” developer Ben Arc wrote on Twitter.”While utilizing WiFi for node connections imposes a range limitation of less than 200 meters, it significantly boosts bandwidth, thereby enabling the sharing of internet access across the mesh network.””ESP32 microcontrollers are both highly affordable and widely accessible. With a mere $1 cost for the basic controller, nodes can be effortlessly integrated into passive electronics such as light bulbs, facilitating the creation of a robust mesh network.”Each nostrmesh node has the ability to:

– Establish a WiFi station
– Set up a websocket server
– Connect to a websocket
– Run a stateless nostr relay for sending and receiving events using Nostr-Arduino
– Run a nostr client using Nostr-ArduinoCode to follow soon!

GitHub Repo

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