Nostream v2.0.0: Removed NIP-26 Support

“Nostream version 2.0.0 has been released,” announced @Cameri.

What’s new

BREAKING CHANGE: NIP-26 support has been removed. Delegated events will not be handled differently and overall performance should improve.

Other recent changes introduced in v1.26.0, which was also released last week, include:

Bug Fixes

invoice.verifyURL undefined from lnurl processor getInvoice (#325) (33c2fd5)deleting parameterized replaceable event before event (#354) (030bbb3)strange behavior with nip 33 parameterized replacable events and nip 40 expiration tag (#316) (d1d4cb9)typos (#334) (3b5b1fc)


add nodeinfo support (#347) (d9e4020)event_tags: Add event_tags table and migration script (#349) (9bf0262)

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