Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) v0.4.1: NIP-47 Extensions

“This release adds the following Nostr Wallet Connect (NIP-47) extension methods: pay_keysend, make_invoice, lookup_invoice, list_transactions, get_balance, get_info which can be used by developers to make awesome apps powered by NWC.””0.4.0 also features an improved app connection UI.”

What’s Changed

feat: nwc connection page ui by @pavanjoshi914 in #151feat: add manual migrations using gormigration by @rolznz in #148feat: add support both internal and public relay URL by @rolznz in #161feat: add get info method by @im-adithya in #172feat: add pay keysend method by @im-adithya in #178feat: add list transactions to nwc by @im-adithya in #164feat: Logged account will be shown to navbar at by @anishyadavv in #180feat: UI Improvements & layout simplification by @reneaaron in #153fix(handle payment request): lowercase bolt11 invoice by @R3DRUN3 in #198fix: typos by @mattn in #141fix: properly return result_type for NWC error responses by @benthecarman in #143fix: return LND invoices and payments in reversed orderfix: No more default protocol-redirect by @bumi in #107chore: run css scripts via npm by @pavanjoshi914 in #149chore: log payment hash if successful by @im-adithya in #147chore: add json logging in unused places by @im-adithya in #134chore: rename app name parameter by @rolznz in #154chore: correctly handle query parameters in new UI (WIP) by @rolznz in #155chore: add dependabot by @rolznz in #166chore: go fmt by @bumi in #177chore: update go-nostr to v0.25.5 by @rolznz in #165chore: remove unnecessary env file by @im-adithya in #193chore: update invoice functions to match NIP-46 extensions spec, fix optional transaction fields by @rolznz in #196chore: change default max amount to 100k by @im-adithya in #201

New Contributors

@mattn made their first contribution in #141@benthecarman made their first contribution in #143@pavanjoshi914 made their first contribution in #149@reneaaron made their first contribution in #153@anishyadavv made their first contribution in #180@R3DRUN3 made their first contribution in #198

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