Nodeyez v23.04: New Config Tool

New Panels and Enhancements

Renamed arthashdungeon to blockhashdungeonRenamed channelbalance to lndchannelbalanceRenamed channelfees to lndchannelfeesImproved support for pruned bitcoin nodesMiner Braiins, Miner MicroBT, LND Channel Balance, LND Channel Fees and Ring of Fire now support nested configs that are selectively not enabledNew nodeyez-config tool!LNDHub config now has improved structuring for account aliases


Linking tagged commits back to Github as a public mirrorAdd guidance for Developers, including setting up RegtestAdd dependencies Pysocks, JQ, and whiptail-dialogsSet temp folder for image magickEstablish EnvironmentFile for servicesNormalized NGINX ConfigurationsAdd install/uninstall scripts for Raspibolt, Raspiblitz, MyNodeBTCSynched service names to panel scriptsRevamped sample-config files with data types, choices, defaults


Fix System Info drive icons if only one driveFix Blockstats handling of 0 fee and negative block numbersFix Ring of Fire error when LND attempt to connect to nodesFix sample config files with missing commas and quotesFix mempoolblocks service script to be able to start without bitcoin

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