Nix Bitcoin v0.0.92: Removed Spark Wallet, Deprecated CLBOSS

“nix-bitcoin can be used for personal or merchant wallets, public infrastructure or for Bitcoin application backends.””nix-bitcoin is built on top of Nix and NixOS which provide powerful abstractions to keep it highly customizable and maintainable.””While nix-bitcoin is used in production today, it is still considered experimental.”

What’s new

“Spark Lightning Wallet has been removed from nix-bitcoin because it is unmaintained and incompatible with clightning 23.05. For a replacement, consider using the rtl (Ride The Lightning) module or the clightning-rest module in combination with the mobile wallet.””CLBOSS has been deprecated because it is no longer maintained. For compatibility with clighting 23.05, CLBOSS requires a third-party fix that has not been thoroughly tested. To continue using CLBOSS, add services.clightning.plugins.clboss.acknowledgeDeprecation = true; to your config.”bitcoind: 24.0.1 -> 24.1btcpayserver: 1.7.12 -> 1.9.3clightning: 23.02.2 -> 23.05clightning-rest: 0.9.0 -> 0.10.3joinmarket: 0.9.8 -> 0.9.9nbxplorer: 2.3.62 -> 2.3.63rtl: 0.13.6 -> 0.14.0

Change Log

#609 lnd: fix non-static patch URL (@erikarvstedt)#607 joinmarket: 0.9.8 -> 0.9.9 (@nixbitcoin)#610 update nixpkgs (@jonasnick)

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