Nix Bitcoin v0.0.102 Released

“New to Nix? Join @pavolrusnak‘s journey through Nix, NixOS, Nixpkgs, and Flakes at @btcplusplus Berlin. Perfect for beginners!”You can find more talks from bitcoin++ nix edition here.

What’s new

bitcoind: 25.1 -> 26.0clightning: 23.08.1 -> 23.11.2elementsd: 22.1.1 -> 23.2.1fulcrum: 1.9.7 -> 1.9.8


#666 joinmarket: remove custom secp256k1 package (@jonasnick)#669 Docs: fix small error in (@jumbledup)#670 update nixpkgs (@jonasnick)#673 Minor improvements (@erikarvstedt)#674 tests/hardened: fix test for slower hardware (@erikarvstedt)#675 test: use nixpkgs-unstable flake input for nix-bitcoin pkgs (@erikarvstedt)#671 bitcoind: set default ports in regtest mode (@jonasnick)

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