New Bitcoin ATMs By Lamassu – Grândola and Aveiro

“Ten years after introducing the world to Bitcoin ATMs, we are unveiling our Grândola, the world’s meanest Bitcoin machine. The Grândola can process a beastly $800 per second. That’s nearly $100,000 in two minutes.” “Armed with a bank-grade recycler, it can process a commanding stack of 200 notes at a time at 8 notes per second. It has four recycling cassettes that can hold 2,800 notes each and one 2,500 note cashbox. That’s an unrivaled total of 13,700 notes.””We are also releasing our Aveiro, the world’s slimmest Bitcoin ATM.””We designed the Aveiro to provide high-end performance while fitting into the tightest of spaces. Sporting a high-end recycler, it processes 50 notes at once, at a speed of 3 notes per second. It holds up to three recycling cassettes of 120 notes each, up to two 500 note load boxes, and one 1,500 note cashbox.”


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