MyCitadel v1.2.0: More Supported Hardware Signers

“MyCitadel 1.2 ships with more supported hardware wallets, updated dependencies and support for hardware signers on the testnet – plus multiple bugfixes and nitty-gritties.”

What’s changed

Allow hardware signers on testnetRename command-line tool to mcwUpdate to LNP/BP stack v0.9Update to rust-bitcoin v0.29.2Update to rust-miniscript 9.0Update to HWI 2.2.1Add nix flake support by @dpc in #41Test and add an instruction to use lld for linking by @dpc in #43

New Contributors

@dpc made their first contribution in #41

Full Changelog: v1.1.0…v1.2.0


“This release was supported by @nymtech. Thank you, our friends for continuing support for the bitcoin ecosystem!”

GitHub Repo

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