MyCitadel Desktop v1.3.0: More Advanced Miniscripts

“MyCitadel 1.3 ships with support for more advanced miniscripts with account-based time-locked multi-sigs and multiple user interface improvements.”

Core functionality

“Account-based multi-sigs with time-locks and complex miniscript descriptors. This adds ability to compose complex time-locked conditions involving same signers in different time-locks (for instance having 2-of-4 multi-sig which in 1 year becomes 1-of-2).”

UI improvements

Double-click on addresses copies address to clipboardDouble-click on history entry copies transaction id to clipboardDouble-click on coin entry copies outpoint information to clipboardAdded displaying of unused addresses, visually distinguished from usedNotification on the main screen to subscribe app updates

New distributive packages

Debian packageFlatpak packageWindows installerFreedesktop environment integration

Full Changelog: v1.2.1…v1.3.0

GitHub Repo

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