Mutinynet: Custom Signet with 30 Second Blocks

“There are several key reasons why we decided to create Mutinynet:”

Simplified testing infrastructure: We wanted a simple test network with all the infrastructure already up and running to make it easier for us to test new features and enhancements. This includes pre-configured lightning nodes, an LSP (Lightning Service Provider), and a rapid gossip sync server.””Faster block times: The default Signet block time of 10 minutes can slow down testing, so we’ve cut this down this to 30 seconds, allowing for more efficient testing of new features and bug fixes. The most obvious win here is we can have a channel “confirmed” much more quickly.””Testing over time: A lightning channel isn’t just a one-shot thing, it’s a long-term, stateful, romantic relationship between two nodes. Plenty can go wrong, and by creating long-lived lightning channels between Mutiny Wallet and other nodes on Mutinynet we can make sure it’s battle-hardened.””Mutinynet has a working explorer, esplora instance, rapid gossip sync server, a few lightning nodes, and the Voltage LSP.””Because we had to fork Bitcoin Core, you will need to build it from source to be able to sync to Mutinynet. Once you do, you just use this configuration and you’ll be good to go:[signet]
signetblocktime=30″However, if you are using Mutiny, you can just change your network to Signet and set the esplora server to and it should work!””If you need some coins go to the Mutinynet Faucet and get some for free.””If you’re looking to set up something similar we have our docker deployment scripts available on Github. Reach out to us if you have any questions.”

GitHub Repo

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