Mutiny Wallet Raises $300K to Bring Easy and Private Lightning Wallets to Browsers

“We’re happy to announce Mutiny Wallet raised just over $300k during our pre-seed funding round!”The project founders are Tony Giorgio (CEO), Ben Carman (CTO), and Paul Miller (CPO).Project investors include Ten31, Brad Mills, Chris Hunter, American Hodl, Ti Kawamoto, and NVK.

What we’re building

Mutiny Wallet: A web-first wallet capable of running anywhere, providing instant onboarding and platform censorship resistance. Self-custodial, privacy-focused, and user-friendly.Routing Node / Lightning Service Provider (LSP): We’re developing a next-generation node implementation tailored to Mutiny Wallet.Coinjoin: Mutiny Wallet and Vortex will join forces, integrating on-chain and lightning privacy tools.Synthetic dollars via DLCs: Lock up your bitcoin in contracts and obtain a stable dollar value.


“Our team has already developed a proof-of-concept wallet and a first-of-its-kind lightning node in the browser.””Tony Giorgio and Paul Miller have spent the past six months at Voltage, building the LSP that will power Mutiny Wallet and laying the foundation for a seamless and innovative user experience.””Ben Carman’s Vortex coinjoin project is ready, but needs the vertical integration to really succeed.””Now our job is to pull these parts together into a cohesive whole and ship the experience we know is possible.”

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