Mutiny Wallet & Node v0.5.3: Nostr Contact Search, Fediminint Fixes & More

“Sending on Mutiny just got a lot more social: you can now search your contacts (and global nostr users) when sending!”Mutiny v0.5.1 release also improved a lot of functionality with Fedimint.”There’s a lot that changed in this release so let us know what you think. Expect to see more like this in the future!”

What’s new since v0.5.0

Fedimint fixesBetter bitcoin address gap managementFixes a bug preventing invoice errors from showing up in Mutiny WebLSPS fixesBetter bitcoin price APIBetter lightning node peer connection logicFixes a bug that could sometimes crash Mutiny when a channel update happens before the channels were fully loadedNostr contacts fixes

For a complete list of recent changes, check out the full release notes here.

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GitHub Repo (Node)

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