Mutiny Node v0.3.3: Mainnet Touchups

The update includes small bug fixes and touchups for improvements on mainnet.In related news, Mutiny Wallet team has opened up its waitlist for anyone who is eager to try or test it.Sign up for waitlist at:

As we test out mainnet ourselves and get ready for launch, be sure to sign up for our waitlist. We will nostr DM/email once you’ve been approved for the waitlist.

You can also “install” this webpage as a PWA and it will load your wallet when approved.

— Mutiny Wallet (@MutinyWallet) May 15, 2023

What’s Changed

Add edit and archive contacts by @benthecarman in #503Disable inheriting of labels by @benthecarman in #502Add ability to estimate on-chain tx fee by @benthecarman in #504Peer reconnection improvements by @TonyGiorgio in #494Add confirmation info to MutinyChannel by @benthecarman in #505Implement Caching for Bitcoin Price API by @TonyGiorgio in #508Fix log to be more clear by @benthecarman in #510New channel config defaults by @TonyGiorgio in #511

Full Changelog: v0.3.2…v0.3.3

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