Mutiny Node v0.2.8 Released


LNURL Auth with multiple profiles have been added.Try mempool’s API scheme first in case the user configured to a mempool esplora instance.Can now open channels to the CLN LSP.Better syncing support fixing a crash related to check_address

What’s Changed

Better handle syncing transaction from check_address by @benthecarman in #420Simplify network checks by @benthecarman in #421Additional checks for LSP invoice amounts by @TonyGiorgio in #425Clippy tests by @TonyGiorgio in #422LnUrl Auth implementation by @benthecarman in #408Use’s fee rate api by @benthecarman in #428Better handle optional description for invoices by @benthecarman in #427Turn off scid alias for lsp open channels by @TonyGiorgio in #429

Full Changelog: v0.2.7…v0.2.8+1

Earlier in the week Mutiny team also released v0.2.7 of Mutiny node.

v0.2.7 – LDK 0.0.115 & LSP Improvements

Mutiny Node has been updated to the latest v0.0.115 LDK release!We’ve also improved the LSP flow to consider fees that the user pays whenever there is a just in time channel needed.Various other bug fixes and logging improvements were made.

What’s Changed

Fix bug with wallet keys, cleanup deps by @benthecarman in #402Better handle RGS urls by @benthecarman in #404Fix dependency version confict by @TonyGiorgio in #406Add value() function for wasm models by @benthecarman in #409Pin lnurl to 0.2.1 by @TonyGiorgio in #410Receiver pays fee by default by @TonyGiorgio in #407LDK v0.0.115 by @benthecarman in #411Reduced connection-related logging by @TonyGiorgio in #416

Full Changelog: v0.2.6…v0.2.7

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