Mutiny Node v0.2.6: BDK Core + IndexedDB

“Mutiny is now using bdk 1.0-alpha, this should hopefully fix a lot of the problems with syncing!””Mutiny has also moved all of its storage to indexedDB with a clone in memory, this should make persistence faster and safer.””There was a few other api clean ups and improvements done as well!”

What’s Changed

Add last updated to MutinyInvoice by @benthecarman in #374Wait for payment to complete before returning by @benthecarman in #375Add READMEs for crates by @benthecarman in #378A ton of API cleanups by @benthecarman in #379Clippy fixes by @benthecarman in #380Move rest of ldk storage to indexed db by @benthecarman in #377use pnpm instead of npm by @futurepaul in #394bdk core by @benthecarman in #393Create Custom Key Manager by @benthecarman in #396Write to indexeddb first by @benthecarman in #395Move last items over to indexed db by @benthecarman in #397Add import and export json by @benthecarman in #400Use fee estimator in wallet by @benthecarman in #398Correctly handle errors when creating bdk wallet by @benthecarman in #399

Full Changelog: v0.2.5…v0.2.6

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