Mostro: Lightning Network P2P Exchange Platform on Nostr

“Mostro works with a p2p communication on top of Nostr, Mostro will be the escrow that will allow buyer and seller operate reducing the risk for both parties.””Mostro will handle Bitcoin using a Lightning Network node, the node will create the hold invoices for sellers and pay the buyers lightning regular invoices.””Mostro will need a private key to be able to create, sign and send events throught Nostr network.””In the next graphic we can see a very summarized version of how Mostro, the seller and the lightning node interact, a more detailed explanation can be found here.”

Hey everyone! If you like open source and like this project specifically you are welcome to help in the way you want

Devs, testers, designers join us in:

If you want to contribute in other ways join the general group:

— Mostro (@MostroP2P) May 4, 2023

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