Ministry of Nodes Nodebox: Plug and Play Bitcoin Node

“Introducing the Ministry of Nodes Bitcoin Nodebox: an easy, plug & play way for you to run your own Bitcoin node and use your hardware wallet with the best bitcoin related free and open source software.””Starting at $300, this offers a cost effective way to become a First Class Bitcoin Citizen. 5% discount if you pay with Bitcoin/Lightning. Cash & PayPal also accepted.”

Hardware specifications:

A refurbished Dell Optiplex MicroPC or Lenovo ThinkCentre MiniPCi5 processor8GB RAMChoice of brand new 1TB SSD or 2TB SSD (SATA connection)

It comes with the following software installed:

Operating system: Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTSBitcoin: Bitcoin CorePrivate Electrum Server: electrsBlockchain explorer:

There’s also a 6min setup instructional video:

Check out the FAQ section to decide if this product is for you.”For those who want to take a DIY approach, or simply don’t want to trust, the Ubuntu Nodebox 2022 playlist is for you. It takes you through step-by-step on building your own Bitcoin node.”

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