Bitheatr Lite


Plug and play Bitcoin miner with silent fans and custom 3D prints. Pretuned with Braiins firmware.

  • Replaced stock miner fans with larger high-end Noctua fans for silent operation
  • Replaced stock power supply fan with high-end silent Noctua fan
  • Added handle & holders. Tied with extra wide, industrial grade zip ties
  • Replaced iron fan face plates with custom high-flow shrouds for Noctua fans
  • Added Honeycomb inlet grid for fan protection
  • Added Angled outlet grid for directed heat and noise reduction
  • Added Custom spiral tube cable management for clean protection

Simply plug in power and ethernet and start mining, no need to tinker in software.


This is a modified S9 miner from Bitmain with several quality of life upgrades to make this a solid 650W home heater device to heat your home office in the winter whilst earning some Bitcoin. Miner comes with SD card loaded with pretuned Braiins OS firmware running at 650W.

These are hand-built on demand, please contact us if you have specific requests like color for the 3D prints.