May 2023 Mining Ops Updates: Riot, Marathon, Core Scientific, Cipher, Stronghold, CleanSpark & More

Below are the latest mining operations updates (unaudited) shared by the respective companies.

Riot Platforms

Mined 676 BTC during the month, sold 600 at an average price of $27,568.Generated $2.4 million in demand response revenue.Ended the month with a hash rate capacity of 10.6 EH/s.Increased total bitcoin holdings to 7190 BTC.

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Marathon Digital Holdings

Produced a record 1245 BTC, with 4141 BTC mined YTD.Sold 554 BTC in May.Increased operational hash rate to 15.2 EH/s.Reported unrestricted bitcoin holdings of 12259 BTC, unrestricted cash holdings of $97.3 million.

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Stronghold Digital Mining

Mined approximately 220 BTC, up 23% from 179 BTC mined in April.Achieved a hash rate of 3 EH/s.

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Cipher Mining

Mined a record 493 BTC, which represents a 21% increase since April.Ended May with an operating hash rate capacity of 6 EH/s.Sold 513 BTC, still holds 407 BTC.

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Argo Blockchain

Mined a total of 173 BTC, a 16% increase compared with previous month.As of 31 May 2023, the Company held 50 BTC, which is a decrease from 83 BTC held at the end of April.The Company’s total hash rate capacity continues to be 2.5 EH/s.

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Mined 323 BTC in May, a 35% increase over April, for a total of 1,094 BTC mined YTD.Increased hash rate capacity by over 13% month-over-month to 4.4 EH/s.

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Mined a total of 609 BTC in May, 3,004 BTC mined in 2023 so far.Sold 471 BTC at an average of approximately $27,400 per BTC. Still held 451 BTC as of May 31.Currently deployed fleet of about 67,196 latest-generation bitcoin miners with a hashrate of 6.7 EH/s.

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Production increased to 459 BTC, up 21.1% from April.”Mining 459 BTC and selling 414 BTC, we added 45 BTC to treasury in May, bringing the total held at month-end to 510 BTC.”Ended month with 5 EH/s of operating hash rate.

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Iris Energy

Mined 508 BTC in May, +59% compared with April.Reached monthly operating revenue of $13.5 million (+50% vs. April).Increased average operating hashrate by 39% to 5.5 EH/s.

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Core Scientific

Produced 1,314 self-mined bitcoin and 586 bitcoin for colocation customers.The company reported a total potential self-mining hash rate of 14.9 EH/s. Including colocation, it reaches a total potential hash rate of 22.1 EH/s.

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Bit Digital

In May 2023, the Company produced 113.2 BTC, a 31% increase compared to the prior month.The company’s active hash rate was approximately 1.20 EH/s as of May 31, 2023.Treasury holdings of BTC and ETH were 453.6 and 10,996 with a fair market value of approximately $12.3 million and $20.6 million, respectively, on May 31, 2023.

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