LNbits v0.10.8 Released

“LNbits is a Python server that sits on top of any funding source. It can be used as:

“Accounts system to mitigate the risk of exposing applications to your full balance via unique API keys for each wallet.””Extendable platform for exploring Lightning network functionality via the LNbits extension framework.””Part of a development stack via LNbits API.””Fallback wallet for the LNURL scheme.””Instant wallet for LN demonstrations.”

“LNbits can run on top of any Lightning funding source. It supports LND, CLN, Eclair, Spark, LNpay, OpenNode, LightningTipBot, and with more being added regularly.”

“LNbits is beta, for responsible disclosure of any concerns please contact lnbits@pm.me.”

What’s Changed

fix cln wallet for msat migration by @daywalker90 in #1671C-Lightning -> Core Lightning by @AaronDewes in #1720remove mypy from precommit by @dni in #1718Bump version to 0.10.8 by @dni in #1717add voltage logo to index.html under runs on section by @jsahagun91 in #1711fix formatting on main by @dni in #1723Minor improvements to the German translation by @AaronDewes in #1721Adds websocket for incoming/outgoing payments with wallet balance by @arcbtc in #1679fix “boolean” query for sqlite by @talvasconcelos in #1727FEAT: Refactor language selection, add portuguese by @talvasconcelos in #1725feat: print extensions version on install/uninstall/reinstall by @motorina0 in #1726Format wallet UI tweaks by @arcbtc in #1732More wallet formats by @arcbtc in #1733

New Contributors

@daywalker90 made their first contribution in #1671@jsahagun91 made their first contribution in #1711

Full Changelog: 0.10.7…0.10.8

GitHub Repo

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