LNbits v0.10.6: Fixed LndHub Issues and More

“We fixed some issues with LndHub that were introduced in the last release. What else:

– Frontend pagination by jackstar12
– Compatibility with Umbrel by @motorina0
– Pirrrrrrate language by @arbadacarbaYK

What’s Changed

French language added by @guillaumehussong in #1686update 0.10.6 by @dni in #1689create datadir on launch by @dni in #1674Serverside Pagination for payments by @jackstar12 in #1613fix: rename bool super_user to is_super_user by @motorina0 in #1690Create super user account if it does not exist by @motorina0 in #1688FEAT: precommit git hooks, based on fusions #913 by @dni in #1645de, nl, pirate i18n updates by @dni & Yvette in #1675Add troubleshooting note for Poetry errors on OSX install by @bitkarrot in #1641

New Contributors

@guillaumehussong made their first contribution in #1686

Full Changelog: 0.10.5…0.10.6

GitHub Repo
Calle’s Announcement / Archive

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