Ln Tackles Media Monetization Problems

Recently, a strategic partnership between LN infrastructure provider, Mash, and popular crypto influencers, Tales From the Crypt (TFTC), has opened the door for a new form of Media Monetization. The firms melded their skills to create a more robust and interactive social media experience recently. Here’s how the group seeks to reinvent the ad-based profit model driving so many platforms currently.

The firm’s latest release enables any content creator to push engagement and ROIs without the need to do massive upgrades to their platforms. The system uses the Lighting Network’s unique micro-transaction capabilities to introduce new tipping options. This new protocol allows anyone to like, comment, and vote on stories they appreciate.

Ln Tackles Media Monetization Problems 1

Notably, they can also attach some Satoshis to these actions which makes them more valuable for all parties involved. The network operates as a universal plugin that can be placed easily across a massive selection of platforms.

Solving Media Monetization in the Market

The goal is to reorganize the market’s reliance on ad revenue and replace it with community-driven revenue models. The ability to tip content creators directly is a powerful concept that could reshape the current market. Content creators could cut out the middlemen and break free from adhering to their strict and often changing requirements.

The current state of the market is broken. The Ad-based revenue model leaves content creators at a disadvantage for many reasons. For one, it leaves the creator at the complete mercy of the hosting platform. Already, there has been much concern about demonetization due to algorithm changes by firms like YouTube or X.

Declining Ad Revenue

This declining ad revenue leaves the community suffering. It also doesn’t do anything to help curate info and drive interesting topics to the forefront of the convo. Speaking on these failures, Mash co-founder and CEO, Jared Nusinoff, explained that there is too much reliance on algorithms to determine if the content is good without enough input from the actual community. 

He explained that the current state of the market was similar to a hostage situation in which the content creators must constantly adjust their approach to suit their streaming overlords. The new system breaks these chains and opens the door for a more productive and helpful community.

Paid Reactions

One of the biggest upgrades to the current setup is paid reactions. These are simply reactions that you can place on any part of the content you like. Uniquely, the developers have made these reactions more specific meaning that you can like a single paragraph now.

The new options enable users to do more than just react. You can tip and vote on content. This structure helps to drive better content to the forefront of the platform based on its merits. The community can curate in this manner securely and openly.

Easy Installation

One of the biggest draws to the new system is its easy installation. Anyone can add these features to their current platform simply by pasting a few lines of code. This simplistic installation is sure to help drive adoption as new users don’t have time to master coding processes to take advantage of these options.

Lightning Network Drives a New Era of Social Media Interactions

Entrepreneurs and developers can celebrate this development as they both have much to gain. There has been a growing desire by users to eliminate the current ad-based system in place of something that helps to ensure the best content thrives. MASH and TFTC seem to have found a smart solution to this problem that’s easy to use. As such, you can expect to see tipping buttons on many of your favorite channels moving forward. 

Media companies interested in the project can join the waitlist for now

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