Liquid Swaps by Boltz: Lightning-Liquid Atomic Swaps

“Shifting rebalancing chain footprint to the Liquid Network, one of Bitcoin’s longest-running sidechains, not only makes sense economically, but it also makes Lightning more reliable and independent from Bitcoin’s mempool.” “These are actual atomic swaps! This means no trust in Boltz is required as we never have custody over your funds, not even for a split-second. It is deeply-rooted in Boltz’s DNA to build the best possible UX non-custodial products.””Talking UX. The current swap box interface can merely serve as a proof of concept for rebalancing channels. What we are considering adding next is a “Liquidity” tab that provides an optimized UI to obtain a certain inbound/outbound liquidity or an entire channel with a configurable amount of inbound liquidity.”

Next up

“We’ll continue to improve UX for rebalancing and bring our new web app live on””Depending on feedback, we’ll prioritize a dedicated “Liquidity” tab in our WebApp or a solution for automated/unattended rebalancing.””We’re working on moving to Taproot native swaps for enhanced privacy and significantly reducing on-chain footprint of swaps, especially important for mainchain swaps.””Taproot-based L-BTC/BTC chain to chain swaps.”

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