Lightningcon Vietnam 2023 Talks Are Available Online

Talks and panels from the event include:

Bitcoin and the Battle between Good and Evil (53min) – featuring Jimmy Song, Jeremy Showalter, Andrew and Otis, moderated by Stephan Livera.Bitcoin as Sound Money in the context of the Thai ecosystem (31min) by Piriya.Fiat Money Ruins Everything (50min) speech by Jimmy Song.Vietnam & SE Asia: The Bitcoin Community (52min) – panel with Albert Buu, Dominik. Leo Weese, Koji Hagashi, and Adam Mashrique. Hosted by Stephan Livera.Machankura: The Medium Is Not The Message (33min) by Kgothatso Ngako.The Money Race between CBDC and Bitcoin Lightning in South East Asia (50min) by Dea Rezkitha.Lightning on the Web (46min) with Roland Bewick.Asset Tokenization over Lightning (32min) by Andreas Kohl.Usability of the Lightning Problems & Solutions (48min) by Leo Weese.Bitcoin Adoption from Japan – Failures and Lessons (28 min) by Koji Hagashi.BOB Space BKK – Tales from the Trenches (42 min) with Piccolo and Sovereignsk8.Product Management in Bitcoin (28 min) with Jeremy Showalter.Wallet of Satoshi (27 min) by Daniel Alexis.Neutronpay: Birth, Rise, and Future in APAC (53min) by Albert Buu.Bitcoin as Generational Wealth (28min) by Louis Liu.Full-RBF: What it is, and why it helps multiparty protocols (50min) by Peter Todd.Why Bitcoin Becomes a Hedge Against Inflation in Emerging Markets (52 min) by Jack Lee.Investing into Bitcoin Companies (44 min) by Muzz.Neutronpay, Bitcoin Beach Vietnam, Lightningcon (33min) by Malcolm Weed.

Here is a behind the scenes vlog of the conference:

YouTube Channel
Conference Website

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