Lightning Terminal v0.9.1-alpha: Software Updates

“This release of Lightning Terminal (LiT) includes updates to the versions of the integrated LND, Loop and Faraday daemons.””We’ll be continuously working to improve the user experience based on feedback from the community.””This release packages LND v0.16.1-beta, Loop v0.23.0-beta, Pool v0.6.2-beta, and Faraday v0.2.11-alpha.””NOTE that the minimum version of lnd that can be used in –lnd-mode=remote is v0.16.0-beta.””Installation and configuration instructions can be found in the README.”

What’s Changed

Fix “no matching files found” compilation error when litd is used as a library by @guggero in #530build: update lnd version to v0.16.1 by @Roasbeef in #532

Full Changelog: v0.9.0-alpha…v0.9.1-alpha

GitHub Repo

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