Legends of Lightning Tournament Announces Winners

Lightsats ⚡️

Lightsats is a pre-coiner self onramp via tips and gifts. We take recipients by their hand, educate them about bitcoin, instruct them on how to self custody and show them how they can actually use bitcoin right away. Check it out!

⚡️ The Legend: Overall Winner🥇 1st Place: Global Adoption Track 🧡

AgriMint 🌱

AgriMint is a self-sovereign micro-banking application for agriculture communities in Africa. Consisting of a web application and integrated hardware wallets, AgriMint aims to be the Africa’s next community savings technology. Check it out!

⚡️ Runner Up: Overall🥇 1st Place: Building For Africa Track 🌍🎨 Best Design: Building For Africa Track 🌍

Mutiny 🕸

Mutiny Web is a bold experiment to create a self lightning wallet (node) inside of a browser, and they did it! Built using LDK, this project rewrote the score of what is possible with lightning on the web. Check it out!

⚡️ Runner Up: Overall🥈 2nd Place: Global Adoption Track 🧡


LNVPN is a privacy focused VPN provider that only Lightning payments, they also offer one time usage telephone numbers to receive KYC codes. Check it out!

🥈 2nd Place: Building For Africa Track 🌍

Nolooking 👀

Nolooking allows new node runners to quickly and privately fund their node and open channels with a single scan or click, all at a lower cost. They even launched their product on Umbrel’s app store! Check it out!

🥉 3rd Place: Global Adoption Track 🧡

BitPayRoll 💸

BitPayRoll is an easy-to-use bitcoin payroll platform for companies to pay their employees. Now you can easily manage, schedule, and pay your companies workforce with bitcoin. Check it out!

🥉 3rd Place: Building For Africa Track 🌍

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