LDK v0.0.113: API Updates and Bug Fixes

0.0.113 – Dec 16, 2022 – “Big Movement Intercepted”

API Updates

ChannelManager::send_payment now takes an explicit PaymentId which is a
loose idempotency token. See send_payment docs for more (#1761, #1826).HTLCs bound for SCIDs from ChannelManager::get_intercept_scid are now
intercepted and can be forwarded manually over any channel (#1835, #1893).Confirm::get_relevant_txids now returns a BlockHash, expanding the set
of cases where transaction_unconfirmed must be called, see docs (#1796).Pending outbound payments are no longer automatically timed-out a few blocks
after failure. Thus, in order to avoid leaking memory, you MUST call
ChannelManager::abandon_payment when you no longer wish to retry (#1761).ChannelManager::abandon_payment docs were updated to note that the payment
may return to pending after a restart if no persistence occurs (#1907).Event::PaymentReceived has been renamed Event::PaymentClaimable (#1891).Event handling is now optionally async for Rust users (#1787).user_channel_id is now a u128 and random for inbound channels (#1790).A new ChannelReady event is generated whenever a channel becomes ready to
be used, i.e., after both sides sent the channel_ready message (#1743).NetworkGraph now prunes channels where either node is offline for 2 weeks
and refuses to accept re-announcements of pruned channels (#1735).Onion messages are now read in CustomOnionMessageHandler rather than via
MaybeReadableArgs (#1809).Added a new util to generate an invoice with a custom hash (#1894) –
create_invoice_from_channelmanager_and_duration_since_epoch_with_payment_hashSigners are now by default re-derived using KeysInterface’s new
derive_channel_signer rather than read_chan_signer (#1867).Confirm::transactions_confirmed is now idempotent (#1861).ChannelManager::compute_inflight_htlcs has been added to fetch in-flight
HTLCs for scoring. Note that InvoicePayer does this for you (#1830).Added PaymentClaimable::via_channel_id (#1856).Added the node_id (phantom or regular) to payment events (#1766).Added the funding transaction confirmations to ChannelDetails (#1856).BlindedRoute has been renamed BlindedPath (#1918).Support for the BOLT 4 “legacy” onion format has been removed, in line with
its removal in the spec and vanishingly rare use (#1413).ChainMonitor::list_pending_monitor_updates was added (#1834).Signing for non-zero-fee anchor commitments is supported again (#1828).Several helpers for transaction matching and generation are now pub (#1839).

Bug Fixes

Fixed a rare race where a crash may result in a pending HTLC not being
failed backwards, leading to a force-closure by our counterparty (#1857).Avoid incorrectly assigning a lower-bound on channel liquidity when routing
fails due to a closed channel earlier in the path (#1817).If a counterparty increases the channel fee, but not enough per our own fee
estimator, we no longer force-close the channel (#1852).Several bugs in the lightning-background-processor future feature were
fixed, including requirements doc corrections (#1843, #1845, #1851).Some failure messages sent back when failing an HTLC were corrected (#1895).rapid-gossip-sync no longer errors if an update is applied duplicatively
or in rare cases when the graph is updated from payment failures (#1833).Sending onion messages to a blinded path in which we’re the introduction
node no longer fails (#1791).

Backwards Compatibility

No ChannelReady events will be generated for previously existing channels,
including those which become ready after upgrading to 0.0.113 (#1743).Once UserConfig::accept_intercept_htlcs is set, downgrades to LDK versions
prior to 0.0.113 are not supported (#1835).Existing payments may see a PaymentClaimable::user_channel_id of 0 (#1856)When downgrading to a version of LDK prior to 0.0.113 when there are
resolved payments waiting for a small timeout, the payments may not be
removed, preventing payments with the same PaymentId (#1761).

In total, this release features 76 files changed, 11639 insertions, 6067
deletions in 210 commits from 18 authors, in alphabetical order:

Antoine RiardArik SosmanDevrandomDuncan DeanElias RohrerGleb NaumenkoJeffrey CzyzJohn CantrellMatt CoralloTee8zTobin C. HardingTristan FValentine WallaceViktor TigerströmWilmer Paulinobenthecarmanjurvisssbright

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