Lava: Trust-minimized Bitcoin Lending & Borrowing Protocol

“The Lava Wallet enables you to experience a financial experience that is sovereign, simple, and secure. The Lava Loans Protocol enables you to borrow against your bitcoin without rehypothecation or counterparty risk.””We do as much as possible on bitcoin. Loan collateral is stored on layer-one, in an invisible [discreet log] smart contract. Only thing we use another chain for is stablecoins. We believe people should use bitcoin in the most secure, trust-minimized way, and that is self-custody on layer-one.”


“Trust-minimized and Transparent. Lava operates in a trust-minimized and transparent way, eliminating the need to trust your counterparty or a bridge. Loan initiation and repayment are trust-minimized, and you never need to trust the counterparty to issue our loan or let you reclaim your collateral.”“Secure. Your collateral can’t be rehypothecated, ensuring its safety. Liquidation and expiration are facilitated by a robust set of blinded oracles, which the users can have optionality in choosing at contract request. Oracles are more resistant than a group of multi-sig signers.”“Accessible. Lava is a generalized protocol for Bitcoin-backed borrowing, with multiple lenders, increasing your chances of securing a loan.”“Easy to Use. Lava is fast, simple, and affordable, offering a user experience that outperforms the competition.”

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