JoininBox v0.7.7: Custom Change Address Option In Send

Existing features

Send transactions with improved privacy using CoinJoin and PayJoin (one click install of JoinMarket v0.9.9).Run the Yield Generator as a service and earn fees for providing liquidity.Use the JoinMarket-QT GUI remotely over SSH.Signet support to test for free.Connect remotely to a Bitcoin Core node.RaspiBlitz over LAN or Tor.RoninDojo over LAN or Tor.Start a pruned node from within minutes.JoininBox is part the RaspiBlitz SERVICES.

Release notes

update bitcoin-scripts to latest, shellcheck fmt (#120)feat: add custom change address optionjam update to v0.1.5, nodejs update, fmt (#122)

Full Changelog: v0.7.6…v0.7.7

Announcement / Archive
GitHub Repo

Release v0.7.7 ยท openoms/joininbox

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