Gitern: A SSH-based Multitenant Git Host by k00b Has Been Open Sourced

“I’m open sourcing this hoping someone can find a use for it.””I had dreams of building a more decentralized github at one point and was the beginnings of that.””Maybe it’ll inspire (indirectly) someone to work on the nostr github everyone is waiting for.”

GitHub – huumn/gitern: an ssh based multitenant git host
an ssh based multitenant git host. Contribute to huumn/gitern development by creating an account on GitHub.

Gitern is a multitenant git host that uses ssh keys for auth exclusively and has a command-line UI. It is very minimal and has a novel auth.”I will one day describe more about how it works (especially if someone bothers to ask), but this gist is:

 1) lots of SSHD hacks.
 2) users are progressively chroot/jailed into isolated parts of the filesytem upon authentication with different sets of commands available.”

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