Foundation Passport v.2.0.7: Better Memory Management & Bug Fixes

What Changed

In firmware version 2.0.7, we’ve reworked memory management when signing transactions from the ground up, drastically improving handling of larger than normal transactions via QR codes. We’ve also added the ability to delete files from microSD directly on Passport, allow you to export multisig configs directly via QR and microSD, and cleaned up a few small bugs.

New Features

Added the ability to delete files off of the microSD card directly from Passport’s file explorerAdded a feature to easily export full multisig configs via QR or microSDPassport can now act as an additional secure option for you to store your multisig configuration file(s)Now, if you were to lose a hardware wallet and its backup, you can easily recover your entire multisig wallet in something like Bitcoin Keeper, directly from Passport


Drastically improved memory management when signing transactions via QR codeThis improvements means that even those of you with complex multisig setups or dozens of UTXOs can now use QR codes to sign transactionsWe do still recommend microSD for abnormally large transactions, as it is much faster for passing larger amounts of data by natureImproved how we display sending funds to yourself to make it clearer what is happeningRenamed “Keeper” to “Bitcoin Keeper” in wallet export flow

Bug Fixes

Corrected a color inversion issue with the camera viewfinderCorrected a minor terminology issue in multisig config textFixed a bug where Passport could say it was exporting a wallet summary to microSD without a microSD card insertedAdded a more detailed and helpful error message when a transaction is too large to sign via QR codes

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