Fiatjaf: Using Spacechains and Fedimint to Solve Scaling

“What if instead of trying to create complicated “layer 2” setups involving noveau cryptographic techniques we just did the following:

– we take that Fedimint source code and remove the “mint” stuff, and just use their federation stuff secure coins with multisig;
– then we make a spacechain;
– and we make the federations issue multisig-btc tokens on it;and then we put some uniswap-like thing in there to allow these tokens to be exchanged freely.””People who want to keep using Lightning are instead flocking to the big Lightning custodial providers: WalletofSatoshi, ZEBEDEE, OpenNode and so on.””We could leverage that trust people have in these companies (and individuals) operating shadow Lightning providers and turn each of these into a btc-token issuer. Each issue their own token, transactions flow freely.”

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