Fedimint Hackathon: Win Bitcoin for Creating Fedimint Modules, 2.58 Bitcoin in Prizes

How it works

First form a team. Join the Fedimint discord for technical support and questions on modularisation, and come up with an idea. Code up, design, or document your idea to the best of your ability and let them know where you’re at by the closing date on 31st January 2023.

To submit a project, complete this form.

The Fedi team will assess the applications and make awards for the following bounties:

First place – 210 million satoshis (2.1 btc) and a commitment to support this module in the Fedi product.Runner up – Two awards of 21 million satoshis (.21 btc)Honorable mention – Three awards of 2.1 million satoshis (.021 btc)


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