Fake Trezor Wallet App Tops Search Results For Trezor in Apple’s App Store

“The first search result for “Trezor” in the Apple App Store is a malicious application that will request your seed phrase, allowing its operators to steal all of your crypto,” wrote Rafael Yakobi, Managing Partner at The Crypto Lawyers.”The name of the malicious application is “Trezor Wallet Suite.” You can verify this for yourself.””This app has been up for weeks, although the total number of victims is unknown, it could easily be in the hundreds or thousands.””Using crypto properly and safely requires extreme due diligence. If you know anyone that uses a Trezor, please make them aware,” Yakobi wrote.At the same time, legitimate applications like Damus are still facing removal from the app store over zaps by June 27, 2023.Rockstar Developer has urged developers who have Apple Developer Accounts to submit ‘an appeal to common sense’ via the Apple Developer site.

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