Elements v22.1.1: Node Optimization for Lightweight DIY Hardware

The Liquid community has long requested a more lightweight Elements node client for better compatibility with cheaper off-the-shelf DIY hardware. Elements 21.1.1 starts to deliver on that promise by optimizing Liquid’s block headers, and we plan to optimize node efficiency even further in future releases.Under 21.1.1, internal benchmarks show upwards of a 50% reduction in memory usage when running liquidv1.With these new optimizations, we are confident users can now harness the full Bitcoin stack (i.e., Bitcoin, Core Lightning, and Liquid nodes) concurrently on little more power than a 8GB Raspberry Pi.

Elements 22.1.1 also comes packed with maintenance updates and smaller fixes, including:

Correct help messages for getsidechaininfo RPC and testproposedblock.Obscure mainchain RPC fields in the logs.Allow deploying Regtest networks with Pay-to-Witness-Script-Hash (P2WSH) peg-ins.Fix underflow when blocks are ahead of headers.The team also made several amends to assets via the elements-qt, including making the “use available balance” keep a selected asset, instead of defaulting back to L-BTC.

Full Changelog: elements-22.1…elements-22.1.1

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