Electrum v4.5.0-beta: Send Transaction Change to a Lightning Channel

A beta release of Electrum version 4.5.0 is available at https://download.electrum.org/4.5.0b1/.”This is a beta release, not available yet on Google Play.””New feature: send the change of your on-chain transaction to a lightning channel, using a submarine swap.”

Release notes


remove SSL options from config (012ce1c)make number of logfiles to keep configurable (5e8b14f)refactored SimpleConfig and added ConfigVars (#8454)incremental writes of wallet file (#8493)add warnings and prompt users when signing txs with non-default sighashes (#8687)refactored bip21/bolt11/lnurl/etc-handling into PaymentIdentifiers (#8462)add option to merge duplicate outputs (#8474)


fix BOLT-04 “MUST set short_channel_id to the short_channel_id used by the incoming onion” (ca93af2)add support for hold invoices (1acf426)add support for bundled payments (c4eb7d8)various MPP improvements (#7987, ..)support large channels (40f2087)new flow for normal submarine swaps (fd10ae3)the client now uses hold invoices, just like the serverthe client waits until HTLCs are received before going on-chainthe user may cancel the swaps during that waiting timedon’t create invoice with duplicate route hints (a3997f8)don’t set channel OPEN before channel_ready has been both sent and received (#8641)if trampoline is enabled, do not add non-trampoline nodes to invoices (120faa4)

QML GUI (Android)

port to Qt6fix regression for lnurl-pay (#8585)fix invoice amount bounds check (#8582)fix places where text was rendered off-screen for certain translations (#8611)fix lnworker undefined when node alias requested (#8635)fix BIP39 cosigner script type must be same as primary (8cd95f1)better handle android back-gesture (#8464)new: show private key in address details (016b5eb)new: label sync plugin toggle (b6863b4)fix: properly suggest paying BOLT11 invoice onchain if insufficient balance (0a80460)new: message sign & verify (e5e1e46)new: allow never expiring payment requests (#8631)new: add coins/UTXOs to addresses list, add filters (cf91d2e)new: delete addresses from imported wallet (#8675)new: add support for lightning address and openalias (03dd38b)various UI fixes (b846eab, #8634, 9ed5f7b, 941f425, b20a4b9, af61b9d, 0fb47c8, 2995bc8, ..)

Qt Desktop GUI

port wizard to new implementationfix fiat balance sorting in address list window (#8469, #8478)remove thousands separator when copying numbers to clipboard (#8479)new: option to use extra trampoline for legacy payments (b2053c6)new: send change to lightning option for on-chain payments (649ce97)new: notes tab for saving text in the (encrypted) wallet file (d691aa07)various UI fixes (#8587, #6526, ..)

Hardware wallets

Trezor: allow multiple change outputs (#3920)Trezor: support external pre-signed inputs (#8324)Bitbox02: update to 6.2.0 (#8459)


new: swapserver plugin (#8489)

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