Damus v1.5 with Removed Note Zaps Approved on App Store

What’s new

New edge-to-edge video player!Nostr Wallet Connect integration for quicker zapping.Many performance improvements and bug fixes.Embedded profile QR code scanner.Remove note zaps to fit apples appstore guidelines.Fix zap sheet popping (William Casarin).Fix CustomizeZapView from randomly disappearing (William Casarin).Fix “zapped your profile” strings to say “zapped you” (Terry Yiu).Fix reconnect loop issues on iOS17 (William Casarin).Fix some more thread jankiness (William Casarin).Fix spelling of Nostr to use Titlecase instead of lowercase (Terry Yiu).Rename all usages of the term Post as a noun to Note to conform to the Nostr spec (Terry Yiu).Fix text cutoff on login with npub (gladiusKatana).Fix hangs due to video player (William Casarin).

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