Damus v1.4.2 Released

What’s new since v1.4.1-3

Include #btc in custom #bitcoin hashtag (William Casarin) Make notification dots configurable (William Casarin)Add support for nostr: bech32 urls in posts and DMs (NIP19) (Bartholomew Joyce)Add #zap and #zapathon custom hashtags (William Casarin)Add custom #plebchain icon (William Casarin)Custom hashtags for #bitcoin, #nostr and #coffeechain (William Casarin)Cache translations (William Casarin)


Display follows in most recent to oldest (Luis Cabrera)Add validation to prevent whitespaces be inputted on NIP-05 input field (Terry Yiu)Change reply color from blue to purple. Blue is banned from Damus. (William Casarin)Disable translations in DMs by default (William Casarin)


Fix hitches caused by syncronous loading of cached images (William Casarin)Fix tabs sometimes not switching (William Casarin)Don’t leak mentions in DMs (William Casarin)Fix tap area when mentioning users (OlegAba)Fix padding in post view (OlegAba)Show most recently bookmarked notes at the top (Bryan Montz)Don’t show Translating… if we’re not actually translating (William Casarin)Fix translation text popping (William Casarin)Fix broken auto-translations (William Casarin)Fix extraneous padding on some image posts (William Casarin)Fix crash in relay list view (William Casarin)

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