Current App v0.0.9: Wallet Connect, Improved Search View

“We’re excited to share that our dev team has made significant progress with this latest release, which includes several new features not found on other Nostr clients.” “You can now enjoy 1-click zaps on other Nostr clients with our Wallet Connect feature, easily manage multiple wallet connect links, and receive push notifications for DMs, likes, mentions, and reposts, even when you’re away from your desk.””Plus, our improved Search View makes it easier to find trending posts and profiles. We’re constantly working on making Current App the best it can be, and we hope you’ll enjoy this latest version!”

What’s new

“Wallet Connect. Enjoy 1-click zaps on other Nostr clients like or Amethyst with ease. Simply create a wallet connect link and paste it into the client. Plus, you can manage multiple wallet connect links in a fine-grained way by limiting the amount of SATS and setting an expiry date.”“Wallet Home Screen Redesign. We’ve listened to your feedback and redesigned the wallet home screen to make it even easier to use.”“Improved Search View. Searching for profiles and trending posts is now easier than ever with our major search screen overhaul.”“Experimental Direct Messages (Alpha Version). Enjoy end-to-end encrypted direct messaging with the ability to share images. This is our first version, so please report any bugs you encounter.”“Push Notifications. Never miss a DM or zap again! Receive push notifications for DMs, likes, mentions, and reposts, even when you’re away from your desk. No other Nostr client offers this feature directly from relays.”“Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements. We’ve also made some improvements to the app’s stability and performance.””As always, join our Telegram group to report issues and hang out with devs.”

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