Core Lightning v23.05 Released

Highlights for Users

NEW commando-blacklist and commando-listrunes RPCs for blacklisting and listing stored runes.NEW feerates added 2 new options as “minimum” and NN”blocks”. Use explicit block counts or slow/normal/urgent/minimum.listclosedchannels RPC to show old, dead channels.reckless added support for node.js plugin installation and for networks beyond bitcoin and regtest.Spending unilateral close transactions now use dynamic fees based on deadlines (and RBF), instead of fixed fees.More bug fixes and improved logging.

Highlights for the Network

Blinded payments are now supported by default.Now always double-check bitcoin addresses are correct (no memory errors!) before issuing them.Allow slight overpaying, even with MPP, as spec now recommends.

Highlights for Developers

Removed msat suffix from all millisatoshi fields, as deprecated in v0.12.0.PSBTv2 support; all APIs now support both v0 & v2.NEW methods listpeerchannels, listclosedchannels, decode and decodepay from RPC to grpc mapping.Improvements on the python gossmap implementation.The mTLS private keys are no longer group-readable.Added NEW command makerune in hsmtool to make a master rune for the node.NEW setpsbtversion command to aid debugging and compatibility.cln-rpc anc cln-grpc can now work with a range of versions.

“Since 23.02.2, we’ve had 265 commits by 17 authors over 59 days.”

A special thanks to the 2 first time contributors:

Shahana Farooqui @shahana #3760FarooquiAnmol Agrawal @anmode

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