Coracle v0.4.0: Private Groups

“New Coracle Release: 0.4.0. This is the big one — Coracle now has private groups,” announced @hodlbod.”This means you can now send almost any nostr event over an encrypted channel to the rest of the group’s members. This is substantially different from group chats, in that it uses rotating shared keys to provide weak forward secrecy, better scaling, and dynamic member access.””A ton of work went into this release — many months of iterating on groups, as well as several new and refined features. You’ll also notice that Coracle has a new look — I’ve started work on a new design created by @dtonon.”

What’s new

Add NIP 44 encryption supportAdd NIP 24 chat support with NIP 04 backwards compatibilityAdd NIP 72 community supportAdd NIP 87 closed community supportAdd NIP 51 calendar event supportAdd NIP 99 classifieds supportSupport cross-postingLimit number of replies shown on feedSearch results sorted by relevance weighted by WoTAdd anonymous zapsStrip hash from media urlsStart on @daniele’s redesignAdd bitcoin connect supportRemove Apps page, move NIP 89 support to note info dialogPublish NIP 89 client tagRemove Explore page, move NIP 32 support to profile collectionsReplaced `FORCE_RELAYS` env variable with `FORCE_GROUP`Warn when a user might be publishing their nsec

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